Welcome to ecoteknica

ecoteknica offers an  impressive range of consultative ability in science, technology, and education all of  which can be delivered in English or Spanish.  Our team has deep strengths, an inspiring breadth of experience,  and great flexibility to meet our clients’ needs.

ecoteknica through its own  social responsibility agenda strives to reduce poverty and increase employment in vulnerable local communities and function with a zero carbon footprint.

Who we are

At ecoteknica we have a core group with deep academic backgrounds supported by a professional technical team covering our activities in marine sciences and ecology, field work activities, education and outreach, full-stack data science, and GIS.

Between us we have decades of experience. We have worked with universities and research centres, multinational industrial companies, and government and non-governmental organizations.

We are multilingual and multicultural and have worked in many countries in Europe, as well as North, Central and South Americas, Arabia, and Asia.

What we do

In the last seven  years ecoteknica has worked on over 50 projects in 8 countries and this work has won for our clients 2 international industrial awards for innovation, and one international patent.

Our work covers scientific consultancy, technology and innovation, and scientific education an support.

Scientific Consultancy

At ecoteknica we have core strengths in marine and environmental sciences, in their broadest sense, world class expertise in biofouling and antifouling, data science, GIS, and much, much more besides:

We are experts in citizen science.

We have created baseline databases for the implementation of national natural parks.

We have conducted socio-economic surveys of coastal communities and built socio-economic indicators.

We work on field and laboratory testing of novel equipment and products for the maritime environment.

We have designed and built mixed species fermentors  for fresh and salt water microbes, multi-tank aquarium installations for fish and invertebrates and we have designed and built our own natural swimming pool.

We have worked on maritime transport and the translocation of invasive species: this is one of our flagship projects.

We work with sustainable technology, technology transfer and the management of scientific projects .


At ecoteknica we have significant capability in data science from  data engineering through to data analytics.

We build big fast databases that run on cloud platforms.

We help you to understand your data, helping you to make money with them, improve your processes and predict the future.

We work with all types of data and no data set or problem is too small and so far nothing has been too big.

We have used deep learning and vector machines, automated dimension. reduction methods through to more traditional general and generalized linear modelling.

We use open source products as far as possible so that clients are not tied into using unusual and or expensive commercial products.

We have used these approaches to deliver projects using AI to predict the performance of ships, custom statistical applications for clients who perform routine tests, modelling of adverse environmental conditions and their impact on technologies, predictive modelling of marine logistics, modelling of chemical contamination.

Scientific Education & Training

At ecoteknica  we organise bespoke field courses for students of biology  based in a tranquil fishing village on the Gulf Coast of the Yucatan, next to a Ramsar wetland and State Park, and within the impact ring of the Chicxulub crater.

We organise field trips for visiting scientists, including building links with researchers and experts at local institutes.

We have deep knowledge of the Yucatan, its flora and fauna, history and culture.

We have given statistical training courses for people who hate statistics.

“the course was of great and continuing benefit to me”

Overall score for continuing professional development class, in statistics for an industrial client was given an outstanding 90.8% by the participants

The team at ecoteknica  have delivered on-site courses on the internationalisation of their science and how to build partnerships, find international funding, and developing application writing skills for institutes in Mexico and Colombia.

Working Sustainably & Building Bridges

At ecoteknica we are fortunate to have worked with some great people in Botswana, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Holland, India, Jordan, Mexico, Oman, Singapore, USA and the UK. We are building teams using this network to deliver projects that target the UN’s SDGs at a very local level using ODA funding sources such as Research UKs GCRF fund. Specific local targets are solutions for city-wide off-grid wastewater treatment, making inshore fishing boats sustainable and safe, and building a regional geospatial technology hub.

At ecoteknica   we try hard to have a positive local effect having designed and built our own sustainable offices and by living sustainably. The space we have developed encompasses 2 companies and 2 houses. The carefully designed buildings are surrounded by 2000 m2 of permaculture where we grow maize, beans, and tomatoes from ancestral seeds sourced from local villages. Surrounding the permaculture we have 2.1 hectares of carefully un-managed forest. Living in this forest and permaculture are over 50 bird species, 10 species of reptile and amphibian, 12 mammal species, and 80 species of tree. Water is supplied from deep wells and we clean all waste water by passing it through a microbial fuel cell built into the septic tank. We have also installed a 250 L solar water heater and a 6.8 kW photovoltaic system to offset against out consumption. This is putting the eco in ecoteknica.

The terrestrial cow-horn orchid Cyrtopodium macrobulbon cultivated at our office