Most of our work is for clients and remains confidential, however we have been working on three projects of our own which are destined to have a large social benefit in Mexico. One of these is to increase the energy efficiency of inshore fishing boats. These are mostly used by people living in vulnerable communities with high levels of poverty. We estimate that across Mexico these boats use about 1 billion litres of fuel a year, at least half of which is wasted. We have been developing a project with the Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico´s (UNAM) Academic Unit at Sisal, Yucatan, the University of Strathclyde´s Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, a local technology company, Aldetec and a NGO who work for sustainable fisheries in Mexico, COBI, to increase the efficiency of these little launches. This will put money in the  fishermen´s pockets, reduce the poverty of their communities, and help prevent the emission of about 1 million tons of CO2.

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